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Chennai Cafe

5024 Tennyson Parkway, 200 Plano, TX 75024 | Plano | 972-378-1300

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Chennai breaks the mold of the stereotypical suburban Indian restaurant with a clean, modern décor, and a lack of lunch buffet. Instead, every meal must be ordered off a sprawling menu that may contain significantly more dishes you don't recognize than ones you do. This is a good thing. The more obscure preparations are the most robust, and many blow the standard curries you’re used to out of the water. Try the vindaloo if you like. But you’re better off with one of the chicken curries cooked on the bone, with so much flavor you’ll have problems with Indian buffets for a while. Don’t skip lunch, when the dining room is filled with hungry office workers looking for a quick meal to go. Try the masala dosa, which takes a standard preparation and adds extra spices, cashews and lentils to an already delicious curry. The thalis are fun too, and present a large plate with several different curries in small bowl. Finish with the sweet custard and you’re stuffed.

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