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Chicken Scratch

2303 Pittman St. Dallas, TX 75208 | Oak Cliff & South Dallas | 214-749-1112

Location Description:

You could almost pretend you're in your friend's backyard when you're hanging out here. The east side of the courtyard is framed by the two buildings that house the restaurant and bar. To the west, shipping containers that once sat stacked on railcars have been reinvented as furnished front porches. To the north is an open-sided building with a few more tables and a setup for games. To the south is Dallas' most attractive outdoor stage, built from wooden shipping pallets stacked into a cascading rounded giant that drunkenly leans to the side. The four sides frame what might be Dallas' coolest outdoor space, serving food that would be at home at any picnic, and lots of beer. Fried chicken boasts spotty skin that can't stay put, but is big on flavor. Wood-roasted chicken tinged with subtle smoke comes draped in tangy barbecue sauce. Sides are decent across the board. Paired with a beer from the Foundry (or seven) you'll have the makings of a fine afternoon picnic.

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