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Chino Chinatown

3011 Gulden Ln, 110 Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75212 | West Dallas | 469-513-7457

Location Description:

Chino Chinatown is the one restaurant you visit in Trinity Groves if you want variety. The menu provides Chinese and South American dishes, according to the restaurant’s website, but in practice you get the rest of Asia included. Like most restaurants in this incubator, Chino has a sizable patio, and it’s a great place to enjoy a cold drink and work your way through the appetizer menu. Elotes with sriracha aioli, edamame with shishito peppers and chicken wings turned into lollipops are all a good bet. Mains are a little trickier and the plates are huge, so if you want to dive in, be sure to bring backup.

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