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Cottage Lounge - Closed

3006 W. NW Highway Dallas, TX 75220 | Northwest Dallas | 214-358-3018

Location Description:

The Cottage Lounge is the kind of warm, neighborhood family dive bar that reminds you of your uncle or aunt's basement bar. The folks behind Cottage have really created a unique neighborhood haunt that keeps the regulars coming back, from the brick and paneling to the paraphernalia mounted on the walls (standard neon signs as well as things like one-of-a-kind beer signs or the wagon wheel-framed, neon-adorned longhorn skull). And then there's the friendly-as-family folks working behind the bar -- one bartender's been pouring drinks here for more than four decades. There are only a few beers on draught, along with revolving specials like $2 bottles of Amstel Light. The place has an enormous back parking lot, perfect for filling up with motorcycles (read: choppers and hogs).