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Dr Pepper Ballpark

7300 Rough Riders Trail Frisco, TX 75034 | Frisco | 972-731-9200

Location Description:

The beachy architecture of this minor league baseball stadium looks like it belongs more in coastal Galveston than the whitewashed corporate 'burb that is Frisco, which is probably why it has won multiple awards for its design. That aside, the home of the Frisco Roughriders holds 10,000 fans (or, you know, regular people who got dragged here at the behest of their families), has 26 luxury boxes and, oddly enough, there’s a swimming pool in the outfield that large groups can rent during games. There are definitely worse things to do in North Texas than take a dip while taking in a baseball game. Just be sure to wait 30 minutes after inhaling that hot dog.

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