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Duke's Original Roadhouse

4180 Belt Line Road Addison, TX 75001-4354 | Addison | 972-503-2337
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    So there we were: six martinis into an evening, bleary-eyed, beer goggles at full fuzziness. We mean "Janet Reno looks good to us" fuzziness. That's when clarity struck. It came in the form...
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    It was a year when even the ups left us feeling down. In 2003 Americans heard phrases like "jobless recovery," splurged on duct tape and plastic sheeting and dutifully scorned French foods....
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    There's a prominent sign on the wall in the rest room foyer at Duke's Original Road House. "Coming soon," it reads, "brand new, bigger, better restrooms just for you." Now it may seem...
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    Old breweries don't die, they just stay up late to feed barflies square meals. At least that's what's happening to the old Hoffbrau Steaks Brewery on Belt Line and Midway in Addison. It's...