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Inwood Tavern

7717 Inwood Dallas, TX 75209 | Park Cities | 214-353-2666

Location Description:

"I've been coming here for 20 years," says one regular sipping an afternoon cocktail while sitting at the end of the bar. But the bartender says there are people who have been frequenting the Inwood Tavern far longer. This Park Cities dive has been on the corner of Inwood and Lovers since 1964, and relies mostly on the loyalty of its regulars -- a mix of wealthy people from the surrounding Highland Park neighborhood and students from the nearby Southern Methodist University. True to its name, the bar feels a lot like a place you'd find in Boston rather than Dallas. The long, narrow room is lined with faded wood-paneled walls, and a well-worn piano sits in the back corner, just aching to be played.

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