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Kinki Lounge

3606 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206-5632 | East Dallas & Lakewood | 214-874-0400

Location Description:

According to promotional info on its website, Kinki Lounge is named for a region in Japan. But its mood is certainly enhanced by its kinky goings-on during theme nights like Provocateur Saturdays, which includes everything from go-go "dancers" and fire-eaters to "the horseman," a guy who gives clubgoers a ride on his back. In the back of the club, there's a glass-enclosed VIP room known as the Taboo Room that makes for a great place to watch the rest of the action, and even has its own separate bar, bartender and bottle service. Kinki's main bar is in the center of the lounge, and its cocktail waitresses and bottle servers wear uniforms that basically amount to lingerie and fishnet stockings. It's a dance club and lounge, and on Friday and Saturday nights, expect lines to get in, so, naturally, it helps to look good or be on the list.