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Kitchen LTO

3011 Gulden Lane, 108 Dallas, TX 75212 | West Dallas |

Location Description:

Kitchen LTO offers a dynamic dining experience — one that changes every four months after a short competition determines the next direction. Come one day and you might encounter a French-inspired, modern American menu. Come a few months later and there’s no telling. Located in Trinity Groves, LTO offers the cooking of a chef looking to try on a new concept, or show off his skills in an environment that encourages creativity. Chef Norman Grimm ran the first instantiation, offering pan-seared and roasted chicken, snapper, filet mignon and other recognizable dishes to mixed results. Of course, by the time you make it to Kitchen LTO it may be something else entirely, all the way down to what are intimately described as “transformable dining room components.” Check their website before you make a reservation, so you know what you’ll get.

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