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Rick & Trey's Neighborhood Bar

1100 Dallas Drive, 124 Denton, TX 76205 | Denton | 940-381-2277

Location Description:

Two double-sized rum and Cokes cost just $5 on a Tuesday night at “RT's” in Denton, which has solidified itself as the go-to sports bar in Little D. There isn't a single shoe in the place – it's just a sea of flip-flops and cut-off shorts and ball caps, from which a roar of hoots, hollers and curse words come, depending on how the Rangers are playing. Every now and then you'll see a collared shirt and a nice watch walk through the door, being worn by one of the many UNT fraternity members who show up to Rick & Trey's throughout the week. Other than that, it's pretty much protocol to grab a cheap beer, seek out a hard-to-find empty table and wait till it's your turn to shout.