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Rudolph's Meat Market

2924 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226 | Downtown & Deep Ellum | 214-741-1874

Location Description:

You could go to Kroger to pick up a steak for a weekend grilling session, but you’d be missing out on a true butcher shop experience. You won’t get cooking advice from the plastic-wrapped package that informs you little more than the price per pound, and you won’t get meat butchered onsite moments before you’ve purchased it. The guys at your grocery-store meat counter might french a crown roast of pork for you, but they won’t do it with a smile. They’ll likely likely do a shoddy job, too. Of course you have to pay for all this pampered treatment, but you’ll be supporting farms that raise their animals with care and integrity, in addition to a local business that’s been operating in Dallas for more than 100 years. Butcher shops like this one are dying all over the country. Shop Rudolph’s while you can.

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