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Soleo Mexican Kitchen

8611 Hillcrest Rd, 100 Dallas, TX 75225 | Park Cities | 214-346-1712

Location Description:

You’d never guess while dining in this cavernous modern space that Soleo’s roots were in a humble chain of taquerías named El Paisa that dot the Dallas area. El Paisa got its start in the back of a liquor store on Harry Hines Boulevard and grew into a 10-unit group of restaurants that serves simple Mexican fare that can be had on the cheap. Soleo, on the other hand, is just down the road from NorthPark Center and caters to Park Cities customers looking for chips and queso. Soleo is home to a killer bowl of pozole and great enchiladas built with freshly made tortillas. The tortillas for the tacos could use some work, but the fillings inside are rich and flavorful, just as they are back at El Paisa. The appetizers could be better, but the chips and salsa are excellent. Eat them with abandon while perusing the menu and don’t neglect the selection of tequilas on the back page.

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