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Stampede 66

1717 McKinney Ave., 100 Dallas, TX 75201 | Uptown & Oak Lawn | 214-550-6966

Location Description:

Stephan Pyles' latest restaurant gives Dallas an over-the-top food experience that is ready for the big time. Tricked out with more Texas kitsch than a roadside bazaar, the dining room screams Lone Star State from the ceiling to the floor. Quirky décor aside, Pyles' reputation as a competent chef will not be tarnished by downtown Dallas' homage to rural cuisine. From refined versions of rustic stews and Frito pie to whimsical presentations of crispy pig ears with green apple lollipops, Stampede 66 has something for every sort of diner. There are even tacos on the menu, boasting freshly pressed tortillas and salsas that come out six at a time. Skip the overwrought margaritas and stick to cold beer. This is cowboy cooking, redefined.

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