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Sugarless DeLite

1389 W. Campbell Road Richardson, TX 75080 | Richardson & Vicinity | 972-644-2000

Location Description:

Diabetics or low-carb fanatics will be DeLited at the selection of 300-plus items devoid of the sweet stuff. Everything from barbecue sauce and margarita mix to low-carb bagels and frozen “yogurt” (that’s lactose-, gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free) line the shelves of this Richardson storefront that’s open a whopping 362 days a year (so if you’re craving sugar-free sweets on Christmas, you’ll have to wait just one more day to get your fix). An in-house bakery means even your diabetic grandmother can have a fancy birthday cake. They also whip up cheesecakes, pies, massive cinnamon rolls, pound cake, cookies and brownies.