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The Lot

7530 E. Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75214 | East Dallas & Lakewood | 214-321-1990

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The East Dallas restaurant and beer garden is the product of some serious teamwork; restauranteur John McBride (El Fenix), food consultant Sharon Hage and designer Hatsumi Kuzuu (Tei An, FT33 and Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar) have joined forces on the culinary project. The LOT boasts a spacious dining room and bar and an equally large outdoor patio; the pool that once occupied the Backyard Beach Bar's has been filled in with gravel and lined with wooden picnic tables and canopies. The backyard is home to two sand-filled playgrounds; one for kids and another for adults (who are young at heart and/or have taken serious advantage of the beer garden). The menu spans a wide variety of fare, most of which falls in the $7-$10 range. There is also a juice bar serving seasonal juices for $6 each (spirits can be added for an additional $2). Other libations include the Lakewood lemonade (Maker's Mark, lemonade, ginger and mint for $7), East Dallas iced tea (Captain Morgan spiced rum, peach schnapps and house-brewed iced tea for $7) and the White Rock martini (Pinnacle berry vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice).

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