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The Rustic

3656 Howell St. Dallas, TX 75204 | East Dallas & Lakewood |

Location Description:

It's not hard to imagine yourself in Fort Worth when you walk into The Rustic. The massive restaurant in Uptown located just off the Central Expressway is filled with Texas tchotchkes and country music, and it's enough to draw in the occasional cowboy hat. Come for the grilled quail. It's brined in molasses and grilled over blended wood for a subtly smoky and well-rounded finish. All the meats get a similar treatment here, and more often than not the results are more than worth the reasonable prices charged. Don't pass up the starters, especially the golden brown chorizo fritters with queso dipping sauce and the wild boar meatballs served on a black bean puree. Pair your choice with any of the number of Texas beers on tap and you'll be off to a good start.

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