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Truck Yard

5624 Sears St. Dallas, TX 75206 | East Dallas & Lakewood | 469-500-0139

Location Description:

With your backside sinking into the crosshatched nylon of a well-loved lawn chair, a cold beer in your fist and perhaps a few crumpled napkins piled into a grease-stained paper tray at your feet, it might be hard to imagine Dallas was ever hard on food trucks. Jason Boso's Truck Yard, seems like a gravel-paved food-truck utopia, but there was a time when serving up kimchi fries from a mobile kitchen required as much legal acumen as it did culinary dexterity and driving skills. Old tires turned into planters join old tires stacked into outdoor walls and old tires outfitted with miniature light-bulb-filled soda bottles hanging from the rafters like deranged light fixtures. Come early on a Saturday and it's a family affair, but despite the strollers it manages to avoid the madness of a Pixie Stix-fueled romper room. That the Truck Yard only hosts three food trucks at a time might disappoint some, but if you come expecting an Austin-esque sprawl of tires and takeout windows you're missing the point. Austin's lots are clogged with trucks, but they break up the flow of people. The space behind the Truck Yard is filled with people and they unite and energize it. It's a lot more fun to hang out here.

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