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Urban Rio Cantina & Grill

1000 14th St., 100 Plano, TX 75074 | Plano | 972-422-4466

Location Description:

Ten years ago, downtown Plano was pretty slow as far as downtowns go. Then Nathan Shea and his wife, Bonnie, opened Urban Crust, lending some vibrancy to the area. The Sheas' second restaurant, Urban Rio, builds on that momentum, offering Plano residents a Tex-Mex alternative to the chain restaurants that dot the nearby highway. The tacos make use of fresh, handmade tortillas and are a steal for the price. Other menu items like enchiladas and sandwiches are a bargain as well and they’re all served in portions that won't have you wishing you’d worn elastic pants. If you’re hungry for dessert there’s a gelato bar on the first floor, while those looking for an outdoor spot for a drink should head to the upstairs terrace.

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