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Warwick Melrose Hotel

3015 Oak Lawn Ave. Dallas, TX 75219 | Uptown & Oak Lawn | 214-521-5151

Location Description:

The Warwick Melrose has occupied its stately brick building in the Oak Lawn area since 1924, long before any of the neighborhood hot spots like S4 and J.R.’s were even a dream. Indeed, the hotel’s grand interior, with all its shades of crimson and gold, not to mention the chandeliers and columns, seems a world away from the raucous hubbub of the nearby bars, making it an ideal respite after a long night of partying. What it lacks in amenities (while it does boast a fitness center and concierge, it has no pool) it makes up for with the ever-classy Library Bar, which serves up solid cocktails in the lobby, often with a side of live piano; and the Landmark Restaurant, serving carefully prepared upscale cuisine in a luxe dining room -- plus round-the-clock room service, for those times you just can’t be bothered to rouse yourself from the 300-thread-count sheets.

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