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Yourway Burgers

13605 Midway Road Farmers Branch, TX 75244-4306 | Carrollton/ Farmers Branch | 972-386-8788

Location Description:

If you're one of those picky people when it comes to ordering your food, one of those people who takes 30 minutes to order a burger and you "hold" and "on the side" so much stuff that it ends up just being a grilled cheese sandwich, Yourway Burger is the restaurant you've been dreaming about all your life. At lunchtime, there are no servers (which means there's no tip requirement) and you just walk up to the bar and place your order. The ordering drill is kind of confusing, so here's what you do: find the little Which-Wichy fill-in-the-blank burger forms at the table and get to imagining your perfect burger. When you're done penciling in your choices, order with the guy at the bar and wait about 10 minutes. When you pick up your order, there's a mini Fuddruckers-style fresh veggie bar right there, so load up with lettuce, tomato and onions.

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