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703 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75202 | Downtown & Deep Ellum | 214-754-8090

Location Description:

In the 1980's, the Starck Club was the beacon of Dallas nightlife. The collision of glamor, fashion, industrial design and the occasional celebrity appearance (Prince, Madonna, Grace Jones) drew thousands of fast-lane party goers every week. Now, after decades of sitting dormant, the space has received a facelift and has been reopened as Zouk. The two-tiered mega dance club hasn't ventured too far from its origins. Concrete pillars throughout the dance floor give the place a hard industrial feel, which is softened by sharp neon lights and plush furniture where VIPs can lounge and order bottle service. The club's most visually stunning display is a series of silver beaded strings that hang from the ceiling like dense, shiny spiderwebs, giving dancers on the floor below the feeling of being somewhere otherworldly.

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