Blades of Glory (PG-13)

Comedy 93 March 30, 2007
Will Ferrell, having moved on from the anchor desk and NASCAR, at long last ridicules a more hallowed profession: men's figure skating. Who until now has dared to mock the sequined costumes, the fondness for power ballads, the spandex pants? Ferrell, along with a troupe of usual suspects ranging from Luke Wilson to Amy Poehler, is up to the challenge. Blades of Glory gives us the story of two male skaters (Ferrell and Jon Heder) who become a pair, thanks to a chain of events too ludicrous to mention here. Even as it points its finger and laughs at every easy target in sight, the film is also bizarrely earnest: Don't worry, it says, figure skating with another man doesn't make you gay -- not even when your partner lifts you so high that your crotch is in his face. It almost goes without saying that this undercurrent of homoeroticism is not handled deftly. Blades does capture the obvious eccentricities of the skating world, and it's funny up to a point, but by now Ferrell & Co. have the formula for mild comedy down pat. What they need is a little soul.
Josh Gordon, Will Speck Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, William Fichtner, Jenna Fischer, Romany Malco, Nick Swardson, Rob Corddry, Craig T. Nelson Craig Cox, Jeff Cox, Busy Philipps, John Altschuler, David Krinsky Stuart Cornfeld, John Jacobs, Ben Stiller Paramount Pictures

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