Crossover (PG-13)

Action/Adventure 95 September 1, 2006
By Luke Y. Thompson
Cruise (Wesley Jonathan) is an aspiring medical student with a full scholarship to UCLA and mad skillz on the basketball court. His best friend Tech (Anthony Mackie) is good at underground streetball, but has yet to get his GED and occasionally lets his temper get the better of him. In pursuit of their goals, no movie cliché is left unturned. The streetball scenes offer some nifty trick plays, but the rest of the movie features poorly dressed sets, cheap-looking costumes and locations, and silly histrionics -- particularly (and unintentionally) amusing is the part where Tech films a commercial on the Sony Pictures lot, only to get in a fight, hurt his woman, and head back to the hotel where he promptly gets drunk on two beers and spills his emotional secrets. America's Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford shows up as a screeching gold-digger who latches on to Cruise, while Wayne Brady almost adds some respectability as an unscrupulous agent. Alas, no hot tunes on the soundtrack.
Preston A. Whitmore II Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan, Wayne Brady, Kristen Wilson, Eva Pigford, Little JJ, Allen Payne, Shelli Boone, Alecia Jai Fears, Michael Kimbrew Preston A. Whitmore II Frank Mancuso Jr. Sony Pictures Releasing

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