Factory Girl (R)

Drama 87 February 19, 2007
By Nathan Lee
Ticket buyers to Factory Girl are in for a drag; not even the drag queens will like it. Cookie-cut from the biopic assembly line, this life and times of Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) is the least-fabulous movie imaginable about the most fabulous persona in that most fabulous of scenes, the Warhol Factory at the height of its genius and gaiety. Primitively written by "Captain Mauzner" (né Josh Klausner) and prosaically directed by George Hickenlooper, Factory Girl sanitizes the Factory era even as it aims to expose its spiritual grime. The story of Edie Sedgwick is not a happy one. Born into an insanely rich, obscenely dysfunctional clutch of Massachusetts blue bloods, she fled to art school before finding her true calling as an ebullient junkie and archetypal "It" girl. Scenester, tastemaker, one-woman youthquake, and hardcore basket case, she would serve for a brief, blazing moment in the mid ’60s as the Wigged One's most scintillating muse. Too bad Factory Girl is Edie for Dummies, a simpleminded checklist of biographical tidbits held together by a voiceover of staggering banality. Miller, meanwhile, works very hard at her Edie. She does the voice and the laugh and the style to a T, though she never nails the ineffable, effervescent vitality. Who could?
George Hickenlooper Guy Pearce, Sienna Miller, Hayden Christensen, Jimmy Fallon, Meredith Ostrom Aaron Richard Golub & Captain Mauzner Morris Bart & Kimberly C. Anderson MGM


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