I Think I Love My Wife (R)

Comedy 90 March 16, 2007
By Nathan Lee
From the makers of Pootie Tang, one the greatest movies ever made, comes the most unlikely remake in the history of cinema. Director, co-writer, and star Chris Rock claims his comedy is an update of Chloe in the Afternoon, the concluding opus in Eric Rohmer's famous suite of "Moral Tales." None of the froggy nuance and mise-en-scène nonsense here; Rock appears to have been inspired by the opportunity Chloe affords for unloading bitter chauvinism and venting hostility. The moral of this tale is that when women aren't sexless, boring, and safe (i.e., wives), they're horny, fun, and frightening. Rock plays Richard, an über-buppie investment banker whose mellow Westchester domesticity is upended by the arrival of Nikki (Kerry Washington), a flirtatious fox from his past. Co-written by Pootie director Louis C.K., the plot wonders if Dick can resist while offering just a touch of that old crazed, incongruous, sah-dah-tay je ne sais quoi (notably in an elevator meltdown scene that rivals the bare-assed squirm from Borat). Rock capably directs a screenplay graced with one or two chuckles ("You stare at a soccer mom too long and they'll post your name on the internet") and soured by a whole lot of misogyny.
Chris Rock Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres, Steve Buscemi, Eliza Coupe, Cassandra Freeman, Samantha Ivers, Dani Marco, Cynthia Loebe Chris Rock, Louis C.K. Chris Rock, Lisa Stewart Fox Searchlight Pictures

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