Interview (R)

Drama 86 July 13, 2007
By Jim Ridley
Adapted from a 2003 film by the slain Dutch provocateur Theo van Gogh, Steve Buscemi's second feature as both director and star takes about 20 minutes to restrict the world to a single room, but once it arrives, the action seems to be held there by the pull of a cold sun. Buscemi plays a shabby war correspondent demoted to doing a puff piece on a prime-time-soap starlet (Sienna Miller). He sizes her up as a vacant Hilton; she coolly reads his career slide. Obscenities are exchanged, and interviewer and interviewee part early and gladly — only to be reunited by a car crash when Katya's killer smile distracts Pierre's cabbie. They retreat to her loft, and a scorched-earth game of drinking, seduction, "truth-telling," and score-settling begins, with one winner standing at night's end. Interview's aggressive theatricality makes its faults almost inseparable (or indistinguishable) from its virtues. The blocky movements and arch dialogue shore up the artifice of two practiced liars gunning for supremacy. But Buscemi and Miller rip into each other with vigor, and the movie winds toward a closing shot of Mametesque nastiness.
Steve Buscemi Steve Buscemi, Tara Elders, Molly Griffith, Robert Hines, Jackson Loo, Sienna Miller, David Schecter, Philippe Vonlanthen, Wayne Wilcox, Yan Xi Steve Buscemi, Theodor Holman Steve Buscemi Sony Classics

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