No End in Sight (NR)

Documentary 102 July 27, 2007
By Rob Nelson
Charles Ferguson’s No End in Sight turns the well-known details of our monstrously bungled Iraq war into an enraging, apocalyptic litany of fuckups. One may have already heard some or all of the appalling details that Ferguson collects -- the well-connected American kid plucked straight out of Georgetown to oversee the Baghdad traffic plan, the $2 trillion price tag, the estimated 700,000 Iraqi civilian casualties -- and still be driven to hysterics by the sheer volume of atrocity gathered here. As the movie’s more begrudging admirers will likely acknowledge, Ferguson is no Michael Moore. His background is as a scholar and a Brookings wonk, and No End in Sight is less a work of investigation (or activism) than history. There’s no psychology in the movie (e.g., Dubya has daddy issues), and neither are there conspiracy theories (e.g., the war is about further fueling Halliburton’s tank). On some level, it even endeavors to be a film without politics -- and might be that if such a thing were possible. Focusing on the war itself, Ferguson is chiefly interested in compiling a filmed dossier of incompetence -- not so much to argue that the war could’ve been won but to suggest that the magnitude of arrogant irresponsibility will carry aftershocks as far into the future as the mind can imagine. No end, indeed.
Charles Ferguson Aida Ussayran, Ali Fadhil, Amazia Baram, Ann Gildrov, Barbara Bodine, Barry Posen, Chris Allbritton, David Yancey, Faisal al-Istrabadi, George Packer Charles Ferguson Charles Ferguson, Jennie Amias, Jessie Vogelson Magnolia Pictures

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