Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (R)

Comedy 100 November 22, 2006

When wannabe rocker JB stumbles into classic guitarist KG along California's Venice boardwalk, the two form a friendship and their own band. Being in desperate financial straits, the dual determine that the key to success is a peculiar guitar pick used by all the great rockers featured on the covers of "The Rolling Stone." When they show the cover photos of the pick to the manager of The Guitar Center, the ex-guitar tech turned rock historian tells them the history of The Pick of Destiny--the darkest secret in the history of rock. The Pick, he informs them, now resides in the Rock and Roll History Museum--an impenetrable fortress.

Liam Lynch Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Jason Reed, Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller, John C. Reilly, Cynthia Ettinger, Amy Poehler, Brittany Eldridge, Lara Everly Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Liam Lynch, Bob Odenkirk Stuart Cornfeld, Ben Stiller New Line Cinema


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