Unlocked (R)

Action/Adventure 98 min. September 1, 2017
By Chuck Wilson
The goofy but efficient action movie Unlocked has an ace director in Michael Apted (Coal Miner's Daughter), and a star-filled cast, yet the only thing anyone's likely to remember is the bit with the Rottweilers. While tracking terrorists with a plan to detonate a chemical bomb in London, CIA agent Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace) moves from one showdown to another, including an elevator stalemate that she tips in her favor by the clever use of two pissed-off dogs.

Narrow escapes and cool kills are Alice's specialty, which Rapace manages to suggest is a gig fueled by both sorrow and adrenaline. In a novel twist, there's a powerful woman in Alice's life -- an MI5 boss (Toni Collette) who may be up to no good, which is surely true of the men on this mission, which include Michael Douglas (CIA handler), John Malkovich (CIA boss) and Orlando Bloom (sexy thief who may really be a mercenary). As written by first-time screenwriter Peter O'Brien, Unlocked feels like a 1970s-style conspiracy thriller, which makes it a perfect fit for the 76-year-old Apted, whose wonderfully varied career includes the James Bond flick, The World is Not Enough. Apted surely knows the digital countdown clock on the big bomb will prompt laughter, but he also understands that real heroes save the day with only seconds to spare.
Michael Apted Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich Peter O'Brien Lionsgate Premiere

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