35 Denton Cleans Up its Block and Rebrands Itself

Yes, there's a certain nostalgia in the air at 35 Denton this year, in the form of headliners the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Raincoats and Built to Spill. And yet, in its fourth year — and first as 35 Denton — it's finally found an identity and stepped up to become more than just a pit stop before SXSW. This year, they've taken that homespun charm and branded the fest as a destination, teasing several of their acts with covers by Denton and Dallas artists, using the town as a backdrop for many promo videos, and giving the local music scene a platform among the bigger national names. For one weekend, at least, Denton is center of the universe, and it's well deserved. Hit DC9 at Night for our comprehensive, completely serious fest "rules" and much more. See you out there.

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