45 Grave

Mary Sims (aka Dinah Cancer) formed this cheesy gothic punk quartet in the early '80s. Best remembered for the "Partytime" single that was featured in the campy film classic Return of the Living Dead, 45 Grave appeared to have packed it in by 1985. A spirited live CD seemed to revitalize the band in 1989, but the untimely overdose of founding member Rob Graves presumably shut the casket for good. But a decade later, 45 Grave's ghoulish fusion of Alice Cooper and Black Flag continues to draw interest. Cancer has assembled a legendary (at least in punk circles) group of cohorts for this tour, including Rick Agnew (Social Distortion, Adolescents, Christian Death). Still wonderfully over-the-top, 45 Grave gives old school punks a chance to try to still fit into those ripped jeans and leather jackets.


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