A day that will live in infamy? Nah

A day that will live in infamy? Nah

It wasn't planned that way--not, at least, as far as we can tell--but on July 29, pretty much the entire spectrum of Dallas-Denton-Fort Worth bands will be on display in some form. Obviously, it's not all of the groups in the D-D-FW area, but there definitely is something for everyone, whether you enjoy music that barely qualifies as such (some prefer the term "avant-garde") or bands that get by solely on the high testosterone/low IQ combination of their fans.

First up, there is the Local Show Music Festival (or "Localpalooza," as some are calling it) at Artist Square. The show--which celebrates six years in business for The Local Show, the Sunday-night local showcase on KEGL-FM (97.1)--does a pretty good job of summing up everything by itself. Since we're in a generous mood, we'll let you decide which bands make up each category. For $20, you get/have to see: Hellafied Funk Crew, The Nixons, Slow Roosevelt, Hagfish, Bowling For Soup, Pornlab, Plastic Tongue, Wilt, Big Iron, Drowning Pool, Tek 3, Jibe, Valve, Baboon, Doosu, The Adventures of Jet, Dead Industry, Flickerstick, Edgewater, Elm Fooy, and Spoonfed Tribe. Gates open at 11 a.m. and close when they can wake up the last Hellafied Funk Crew fan.

Then there's Sock Monkey's second-anniversary blowout. The gallery congratulates itself on two years on its feet with a noon-to-2 a.m. par-tay. It also happens to be the last shindig at the gallery's current Exposition Park location. For the occasion, Sock Monkey will host a one-day-only group exhibit, with artwork by Tim DeLaughter, Mark Pirro, Mosquito, Ozone, Logan Stollenworks, Curt Eichelberger, Michael Allen, Vert, Joey Waldon, Zachary Broadhurst, Daniel Huffman, and more. There will also be an all-day concert, with performances by Yeti, Ohm, Bubblegum Crisis, Falcon Project, Pointy Shoe Factory, The Secret Machines, When Babies Eat Pennies, DJ Wasabi, Plexus Loom, One-Point-Two-Five, Constructicons, Mandarin, Planet Skippy, and tons of others. Like we said before, something for everyone.

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