A Spune Christmas 2006

In a year most notable for their midsummer indie-rock roadshow cluster Wall of Sound, it's nice to see Spune Productions return to their local roots. Norman, Oklahoma's Starlight Mints are the name here, but their post-Flaming Lips eccentricity is just an anchor for one of the best local bills in recent memory. Baboon's odd anthemic swagger, Pleasant Grove's desolate western vignettes and Ghostcar's blustery electric jazz romps are all tempered with such incongruous elements that both throw you off-guard and reaffirm why they are each masters at the particular fields they mine. Stumptone's expansive psych-rock songscapes, Record Hop's white-hot dissonant alt-rock and Red Monroe's postpunky/Modest Mouse stew highlight the rest of a jolly good field. Starts at 5:30 p.m.


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