A Spune Christmas

Christmastime's a real mindfuck, ain't it? Songs get stuck in your head whether you like it or not (currently playing: Wham's "Last Christmas"), you're forced to drink eggnog and eat fruitcake, two things that should be banished to the ninth circle of hell, and that goddamn Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial is on damn near every channel.

So, if you need the aural equivalent of Valium this week, then Fort Worth-based booking concern Spune Productions has your dosage. Two stages hold the country sounds of FW sextet Telegraph Canyon, the one-man electro missives of Datahowler and the esoteric folk of Air Review, Fox & the Bird, Bethan and Carlo Canlas. And we can't forget the siren call of local music parties: free tacos and beer while it lasts.

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