A Very Freeky Christmas with the Freek Out, Ghost of Monkshood, B-Minor Harmonic

Not all Christmas songs evoke images of snow, toys or the birth of Santa Claus. Many of the greatest holiday songs empathize with those who have nobody to share the holidays with; lonely souls like the walking dead and lunar explorers. What, you haven't heard "Zombie Christmas" or "Christmas on the Moon"? The songs may be humorous, but there's some heart to them, and when the national suicide rate unfailingly skyrockets at Christmastime, laughing is usually better than crying. Decide for yourself Thursday during A Very Freeky Christmas at the Cavern.

For the second year in a row, Dallas band the Freek Out will play Christmas songs from a concept album created in three days by Michael Bryant and Tim Pallanch. Bryant said the event is "unusual and fun," and that the band--which brings a chosen fan onstage at gigs to receive random gifts--will make this night extra special. "We were trying to get some reindeer," he said. "Last year we had an Indian princess with a full headdress in a skintight jumpsuit distribute cookies and milk." After the Christmas set, the band will play an hour of its Ween-, Prince- and Zappa-influenced rock.


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