Acid Mothers Temple, The Antarcticans, The Great Tyrant

Japan's most colorful psyche-rock circus makes its annual Denton visit, just in time to bask in the North Texas rising sun. Sometimes Acid Mothers Temple sounds like 28 guitarists soloing in different rooms, but you haven't lived until you've had a splinter off Kawabata Makoto's shattered axe hurl inches from your head at a velocity that would make the Rangers' Akinori Otsuka jealous. A wilder-ass ride you will ne'er see. Opening is L.A.'s The Antarcticans, instrumental conjurers of grim, enveloping soundscapes, and just as compelling is The Great Tyrant (ex-Yeti and Pointy Shoe Factory), one of Fort Worth's most fascinating new local groups. Oppressive, dark and clever at the same time, the Tyrant's act is as theatrical as it is mind-bending.


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