ACL Fashion Run-down

We can't help but smile at the Spinal Tap-esque shirt rocked here by Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke. (Merritt Martin)

So, something about blogging about ACL just makes me want to make funny lists. This will probably piss off all the music purists who desire set list details and various musical ephemera, but, hey, it's bitch-ass hot and so short equals sweet.

Popular Fashion Accessories for ACL 2007 (a.k.a. things we saw a lot of people sporting):

1. Giant leg boot. The kind for when you hurt yourself playing sports or whatever; which, by the way, looks like a complete drag.

2. Orange, phallus-shaped, hand-held fans. People insisted on sticking them right in front of their faces, so it looked like they were giving Popsicle blow jobs.

3. Stamp tramp.

4. Fire extinguisher.

Popular Pastimes at ACL 2007 (a.k.a. things we saw a lot of people doing):

1. Sweating.

2. Waiting in line.

3. Cursing the fact cell phones won't work.

4. Passing out. -- Jonanna Widner

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