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On March 25 at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theatre, there will be a Comet reunion...sort of. For the first time since the group broke up a few years back, all four members of the band -- Josh Garza, Daniel Huffman, and Jim and Neil Stone -- will be playing on the same stage. Of course, except for the Stone brothers, they'll all be in different bands. The show is the second CD release party for LUXURY or whether it is better to be loved than feared, the first full-length by Captain Audio, which includes Garza on drums. Opening up will be the Stones' new outfit The French Films, as well as Ghostcar and When Babies Eat Pennies. Formed from the ashes of the all-improv Sivad, Ghostcar features Huffman on guitar, along with bassist Tony Chapman and trumpet player Karl Poetchke. When Babies Eat Pennies, meanwhile, is the only non-Comet-related band in the bunch. It's the new group from Tripping Daisy's Phil Karnats and Ben Curtis, who are joined by former Bedhead bassist Chris Wheat and ex-Buck Pet Ricky Pearson. With that many names in bold print, you know the show has to be good...

Clumsy will head to Detroit on March 31 to begin recording its debut for Idol Records with producer Tim Patalan, known -- if at all -- for his work with Sponge and Fretblanket. Before leaving for Motown, the band -- guitarists Nate Fowler and Mark Solomon, bassist Kinley Wolfe, and drummer Mike Brien -- makes a stop in Austin to play a Friday-afternoon South By Southwest showcase at The Red Eyed Fly with Vibrolux, Pinkston, and Cramer. Speaking of Idol Records, Erv Karwelis' label has added The Deathray Davies to its roster. The group is in the midst of recording its follow-up to last year's Drink With the Grown-Ups and Listen to The Jazz with Matt Pence at The Echo Lab in Argyle. As was the case with Drink With the Grown-Ups, singer-guitarist John Dufilho is playing most of the instruments on the recording, though the full band (including guitarist Peter Schmidt, bassist Jason Garner, drummer Matt Kellum, and Kevin Ingle) joins him on a few tracks. The as-yet-untitled album (well, it may have a title, but we don't know what it is) is scheduled for release in May. And with that many names in bold print -- oh, yeah, we already told that joke...

Grand Street Cryers, formerly known as Dead City Radio, has changed names yet again. The new moniker is Blue Sky Black, which only makes you wonder which names didn't make the cut. No reason was given as to the name change, and we're only mentioning it here so you can all follow any future humorous references we make including that name. Such as: Tim Locke? Oh, yeah, he's that guy from Blue Sky Black that used to sing the lame jingle for Dairy Queen...

Uzigato drummer Joey Salerno has started booking touring acts at Bar of Soap, starting with shows by The Dragons on March 16, Bonfire Madigan on March 19, and Mooney Suzuki on March 21. Since Salerno is responsible for the semi-regular Trash Fest garage-rock throwdown, expect more of the same from him as far as the lineups at our favorite bar/laundromat...

In case you didn't notice, the ballot for the 2000 Dallas Observer Music Awards makes its first appearance this week, and we urge you to get your vote in early. You can fill out a ballot the old-fashioned way, or head to and vote online. Any and all attempts at ballot-stuffing will be punished with the swift and firm application of the Iron Claw, as well as a heavy black mark on your permanent record. Winners will be announced on April 18 at the Gypsy Tea Room, in between sets by some of the best local bands your tax dollars can buy. Incidentally, one of the nominees, Josh Venable, host of The Adventure Club on KDGE-FM (94.5) every Sunday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., may be a fine DJ, but he bowls as if he possesses the withered frame of a longtime coma victim. Though he claims to maintain a 230 average, Venable could barely reach that score in two games in a recent bet-settling outing. For shame...

We promise, cross our hearts, that this is the last time we will mention South By Southwest. That is, until next week, when we'll bring you our complete and thorough coverage of the annual music festival. OK, at least what we can make out from our seat behind a free plate of barbecue and several adult beverages. One more local band, Doosu, has been added to the festivities. The group will play on March 16 at Maggie Mae's East, along with major-label casualty Orbit and a few others...

Finally, speaking of South By Southwest, it reminds us of the fact that because Robert Wilonsky and Zac Crain will both be in Austin for the festival, they won't be around for this week's edition of Scene Heard Radio. Not that it matters much, since few people have taken advantage of the opportunity to call into the studio (write it down: (214) 748-0163) and personally vent their anger with Wilonsky and/or Crain. You can still hear the newest, rarest, and best music around on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m., since Wilonsky and Crain will be taping a show on Tuesday afternoon instead. We'd mention something about a tree falling in the forest without anyone around, but that more or less goes without saying. Check it out at While you're at it, if you missed it the first time, listen to last week's installment of Scene Heard, featuring an in-studio acoustic performance by [DARYL] singer-guitarist Dylan Silvers. You won't be sorry. And if you are, feel free to call in and gripe about it.

Send any and all copies of Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem CD to We need to get those things off the streets.

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