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Let's be completely clear about this: Former Observer writer Christina Rees meant no harm when she wrote about the basement shows happening at Mr. Gatti's on The Square in Denton ("Rock bottom," May 28, 1998). Of course, her story indirectly led to the fire marshal coming down on Mr. Gatti's management, making the shows disappear faster than fresh pepperoni pies during a lunchtime buffet. And some would say her story was, in fact, the only reason the fire marshal found out about the shows. In truth, Rees probably made more out of the shows than she should have, and the city went further than it should have as well. The point of all this? We don't want anyone bitching at us for letting it slip that the basement at Mr. Gatti's is back in business. Little Grizzly performs there on June 15, as sort of a grand-opening celebration. But you didn't hear that from us...

On the other hand, Pagan Rhythms is out of business. Owner Lavon Pagan pulled the plug on the store, a fixture on Greenville Avenue for more than a decade, on May 20. But Pagan isn't mourning just yet: Thanks to a partnership with the Cleveland-based Record Exchange chain, Pagan still has a piece of 20 or so stores, though none is located in Texas. Not that it bothers Pagan too much; he sounded practically gleeful to be rid of the Dallas store. More than likely, loyal customers disagree. Probably...

Don Cento (hereafter known as "International" Don Cento) will be in France for the next few weeks, playing guitar for Maverick Records recording artist Jude on a swing through Jerry Lewis' kingdom. He told us how he landed the gig shortly before he left, but it was really loud inside Club Clearview when he was talking. (Read: We had, uh, loosened up with an adult beverage.) Anyway, Cento will be back in a few weeks to resume playing keyboards for Chomsky, and not playing with his band The Browsers. If you see him, make fun of his new beret...

After reading Kidd Kraddick's recent letter, which among other things, claimed that a band would "never be favored by the Observer unless it had a name like '900 Ft Jesus' and refused to bathe," Mark Griffin, also known as MC 900 Ft Jesus, e-mailed us a rebuttal. "Now THAT'S comedy," Griffin writes. "Although I would like to point out to Mr. Kraddick that I do, in fact, bathe quite frequently." Well, that one's settled...

Upcoming Events

Records coming soon: Yeti releases its latest, Things to Come, on June 3 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, with a show that also features Czech band Uz Me Doma and Pointy Shoe Factory. Fellow Two Ohm Hop Records band Sub Oslo will put out its new record a month later, with shows celebrating that fact on June 30 at Gypsy Tea Room and July 1 at Rubber Gloves. Records coming later include one from The Adventures of Jet, who will be recording with producer Barry Poynter in Little Rock during the next few months. Don't expect the results to surface for a while, however. Also, The Paper Chase is working on its first full-length record (for Beatville Records), as well as an EP set for release later this year on Divot Records. And if you didn't make it out to The Adventure Club's six-year anniversary shindig last week, word is that a live recording of the show will come out later this year...

As we mentioned last week, two multi-act shows are scheduled for Saturday night. First up is Surreality, an electronic-music throw-down headlined by a handful of out-of-towners: Dave London, DJ 43, DJ Dara, and Jason Dunne. But Surreality is especially notable for its wealth of local talent. Almost two-dozen area DJs will appear, including Tray Stylz, Mark J, Lacy, Frankie Vega, Michael Todd, Squirt, Phooka, Mundo, Lil Soozee, Ed Crunk, Booth, Eric Entity, and Space Mountain Bob. Doors are open from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Check for more details. Also on June 3 is Indie Fest 2000, a hip-hop partay at the Gypsy Tea Room sponsored by It's a strong lineup, featuring sets by The Living Legends Crew (The Grouch, P.S.C., Sunspot Jonz, Murs, Scarus, Eligh, Asop, and Bizzaro), The Family (Shabazz 3, Mental Chaos, and The Free Agents together onstage), Hysteria 51, The Destructicons, and The M.E.N.U. Gotta get up to get down. Or something like that...

Finally, a soon-to-be-familiar plea: If you think you can write intelligently, engagingly, and with some degree of humor, style, and charm about music--local and otherwise--drop up us a line at Or, you can get all Pony Express on us and contact us at: Zac Crain, Dallas Observer, 2130 Commerce, Dallas, TX 75201. Remember, no phone calls. They will be answered with a stream of curses, and promises--not threats, mind you--of violence. Just ask our parents.

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