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The first live show by The Rocket Summer happens on September 23, on the same bill with The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, and Koufax. Bryce Avary, the singer-guitarist-bassist-drummer for The Rocket Summer, is still putting together a band for the show since, until recently, he's been the only member ("Teenage love rock," May 4). You can hear for yourself by picking up a copy of The Rocket Summer's self-titled debut EP, available through Avary's Web site, located at Plus, he's a sweet kid...

Finally free from the studio, The Toadies will play at Waterloo Park in Austin on June 25, along with Soak, our good buddies The Nixons, Stroke 9, The Scabs, and Pushmonkey. (Check for more info.) And this just in: The Toadies' new album will apparently be called Hell Below/Stars Above. We were sort of hoping for Rubberneckin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Damn...

Solex, also known Elisabeth Esselink, stops by Good Records to perform on June 15, before performing later that night at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Carlos Jackson--who works at Good Records--will make the trip north with Solex to perform with his band The Shells. Pennywhistle Park, which features current or former members of Go Metric USA, Pleasant Grove, and Floor 13, is also on the bill. And add Beachwood Sparks to Good's performance schedule. The band will be stopping by the store on June 24 at 4 p.m., and since it's a special weekend in-store, co-owner Tim DeLaughter will be serving up brisket, instead of his usual (and, from what we hear, tasty) open-flame hot dogs...

On June 20, Time Bomb Recordings will release Live at the Hootenanny Vol. 1, a collection of tracks recorded at the Hootenanny Festival, which happens each year over the 4th of July weekend at Southern California's Oak Canyon Ranch. The disc features The Reverend Horton Heat and one of its better songs, "Five-0 Ford." Live at the Hootenanny also includes performances by Mike Ness, the Derailers, former Stray Cat Lee Rocker, Royal Crown Revue, and more...

Upcoming Events

Plush, a new downtown gallery under the direction of Randall Garrett, has begun hosting musical performances on Friday nights. The shows started off with a set by DJ Mark Ridlen on June 9, and continue on June 16 with a performance by Vasanic Switch. The gigs are in conjunction with Plush's Friday Nite Fuzz film, video, and multimedia series, the thinking being, apparently, that if you'll come for one, you'll stay for both. Or something like that. Acts scheduled for the future include Blush on June 23, and DJ Wes West on June 30. Check out the gallery's Web site,, for directions and other helpful tidbits...

Lucy Loves Schroeder released its first recording since moving from San Antonio to Dallas, the four-song Seven Inch Jellyfish EP on Grade Nine Records. The band--singer-guitarist Sara Radle, bassist Andrew Binovi, and drummer Rob Schumacher--celebrated by performing at Dotcomguy's house and, subsequently, his Web site,, since his entire life is documented there. The band is working on a full-length set for release later this year, and Radle will also put out a solo effort (either her solo pseudonym or the title of the record, or both, is Fred Savage Fanclub) in the summer. To hear some of Lucy Loves Schroeder's pop/punk/pop for yourself, catch the group when it performs June 16 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, with Kid Chaos and Jetscreamer...

The Show That Fell to Earth--the Sunday-night free-for-all on the University of North Texas' radio station, KNTU-FM (88.1)--will indeed remain on the air during the summer break. In fact, the show (which features everything from the Buzzcocks and New York Dolls to Richard Ashcroft and Belle & Sebastian) will celebrate its one-year anniversary in a few weeks. And host Russell Lyday reports that when the fall semester begins, The Show That Fell to Earth could expand from one to three hours, occupying the 9 p.m.-to-midnight slot every Sunday. If you can't catch KNTU-FM's signal in your area, no need to drive closer to Denton; the station broadcasts over the Internet from its Web site, Enjoy.

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