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A few years ago, guitarist Zach Blair and his bass-playing brother Doni were on the verge of quitting Hagfish and joining Bobgoblin. Now, both are finally getting their chance to work with the band. Well, sort of, since Bobgoblin doesn't exist anymore. However, the band it morphed into, The Adventures of Jet, added Zach on guitar a couple of weeks ago (replacing Jason Weisenburg), just in time for a short tour and two local shows. Judging by his performance with the group at Club Clearview on July 1, he's fitting in fine already, energizing the AOJ show even more than usual. As for Doni, the forthcoming album his current band, The Mag 7, will feature AOJ (and, obviously, ex-Bobgoblin) frontman Hop Litzwire on keyboards. The album, tentatively titled Major Label Debut, is The Mag 7's first disc for Erv Karwelis' Idol Records. See, it all works out eventually...

Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, who divorced her first husband last year, got married again recently in Las Vegas, after the band's June 23 gig there. Taking advantage of the location and the opportunity, Maines got hitched to actor Adrian Pasdar at the $55-per-"I do" A Little White Wedding Chapel. Does anyone care? Nah, didn't think so. The Chicks' extravaganza--maybe that should just qualify as a vaganza--hits town on August 11 at Reunion Arena. Alter your plans accordingly...

In slightly more low-key tour news, Kid Chaos and Lucy Loves Schroeder will hit the road together for a week to 10 days starting on July 17 in Little Rock, Arkansas. And, fittingly, both bands have new records to promote: Lucy Loves Schroeder will have copies of its recently released EP Seven Inch Jellyfish, while Kid Chaos will be bringing its just-out album Love in the Time of Scurvy. Fans of Kid Chaos, fear not: The group will celebrate the release of the new disc, out on Washington, D.C.-based Vile Beat Records, on July 12 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Since the band features always-entertaining singer Mike Wiebe (also of The Riverboat Gamblers), you should check it out. Seriously, no pressure...

As long as you're up: Speedealer and Dixie Witch hit Club Clearview on July 13, followed by The Deathray Davies and [DARYL] the next night; the long-awaited (by us, at least) return of Weener happens at Trees on July 14, with The Limes and Fivecat; the same night, Lucy Loves Schroeder and 41 Gorgeous Blocks play the Galaxy Club; former Tripping Daisies Tim DeLaughter and Mark Pirro debut The Polyphonic Spree on July 15 at the Gypsy Tea Room, opening for Grandaddy and Bright Eyes; the latest installment of Sub-Tronic Theatre happens on July 13 at Liquid Lounge; and Slowpoke (no shit?) makes a rare appearance at the Curtain Club on July 15, sandwiched between Flickerstick and the Hundred Inevitables. No reason to stay home this weekend...

If anyone was concerned that even though the Toadies new album (titled Hell Below/Stars Above last we checked) was finished, it still wouldn't come out, don't worry. Well, don't worry as much. We haven't heard an official release date yet, but the disc has finally made its way onto Interscope Records' release schedule, falling into the "coming soon" category. And if that doesn't satisfy you, word is that a song from the disc will be appearing on an Interscope sampler that will be distributed during the upcoming Warped Tour.

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