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The New Year will perform its first two Texas shows on August 25 at the Gypsy Tea Room and August 26 at Austin's Mercury. The band--featuring Bedhead's Matt and Bubba Kadane, Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine), Mike Donofrio (Saturnine), and Legendary Crystal Chandelier's Peter Schmidt--recently finished recording in Chicago with Steve Albini. The resulting disc will be released by Touch and Go Records early next year, around the same time the label releases a compilation of Bedhead errata. We'd like to believe more people, around here at least, will pay attention to the Kadanes this time around, but we're not exactly counting on it...

On August 19 (or thereabouts), She's Gone Records will no longer be just a clever name. That's when the label will release its first record, Texas Punk Rock Sweethearts, a four-song single by Darlington, and apparently one of those four songs will be the band's version of "Do You Wanna Dance?" And though She's Gone hasn't actually released any records yet, several more are in the works, among them a full-length CD by Fred Savage Fan Club. That clever name belongs to Lucy Loves Schroeder's Sara Radle, who is pretty much the only member of the Fan Club, since she played all the instruments on the disc. Look for the FSFC shindig in October, but don't necessarily expect it then...

Since the members of The Polyphonic Spree are fond of saying that the group is still in its beginning stages, we can't help but wonder how many people will be in the band when it gets near completion. Already, there are more people in the lineup than you'd see onstage on a typical Friday night at Trees, and that's counting every band on the bill. Not surprisingly, it makes rehearsal a little tricky: The first time the full band played together was during its first show on July 15 at Gypsy Tea Room. Besides singer-guitarist Tim DeLaughter, bassist Mark Pirro, and drummer Bryan Wakeland, The Polyphonic Spree also includes original Tripping Daisy drummer Jeff Bouck on percussion, Mark McKeaver on trumpet and keyboards, Andrew Tinker on French horn, Captain Audio's Regina Chellew on trumpet and vocals, and Carlos Jackson on keyboards and bells. In addition, Jennifer Jobe, Jennie Kelley, Jesse Hester, Austin Brown, and DeLaughter's wife, Julie Doyle, all sing. Plus, Doyle says there will be a few more guests onstage when The Polyphonic Spree performs on September 9. Still no word as to where the show will be, however. Like anyone thinks we wouldn't tell you before it happens...

Red Animal War has finished recording its first album for Deep Elm Records, a dozen songs they recorded at Arlington's Deedle's Room Recording with 41 Gorgeous Blocks guitarist Darrell "Deedle" Lacour at the helm. Featuring guest appearances by Lacour and Doosu's Eric Shutt, among others, the disc should be out later this year on Deep Elm.

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Epic Legacy, one of the reissue arms of Sony, has finally added the long-promised Stevie Ray Vaughan three-disc boxed set to its release schedule. The set--which is, as yet, untitled--has been in the works for years, even as Vaughan's back catalog was continuously repackaged with unreleased songs tacked on from what seemed like an endless supply. But there can't be that much unheard music left in the vaults, leaving one to wonder just what the attraction of the forthcoming set will be. Also on the release schedule in October, an expanded edition of Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell, which--oh, Jesus!--features a 14-minute live version of the title track. And we've heard that Epic Legacy will also be adding a hidden track, featuring the audio from the Loaf's man-teat fitting for his role in Fight Club. Everyone should remember his character's name, right? C'mon, it was Robert Paulson...

Among the 30 or so bands evening out their tans at Smirnoff Music Centre during the Dallas stop of Warped Tour 2000 are a few that don't have to drive that far. Baboon, Doosu, and Clutch Cargo will all appear on the Ernie Ball Stage during the August 4 installment of Warped. You can find us resting comfortably on the Got Better Things To Do Stage, located a few miles away...

The Paper Chase will release its first full-length, Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know, on August 29 on Beatville Records, a Washington, D.C.-based label. The band plans to celebrate that fact on September 2 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with a show featuring the mighty Sweep the Leg Johnny. We don't always do this (OK, we do it just about every week, but don't spoil the moment), but we implore you to check out this show, featuring two of the most original and intense bands around. And pick up The Paper Chase's record, which features a guest appearance by Centro-matic's Will Johnson, when it comes out. Don't fight the urge...

The European release of Pleasant Grove's self-titled debut, slated for Glitterhouse Records, will feature five new tracks: "Sadness," "There Is a Light," "Fate Uninvited," "The Ballad of James Snyder," and "Fink and I." You can hear some of the songs at, or you can plan a winter trip to, say, Germany. Not really, at least about the trip overseas. However, if you're heading that way already, the winter is the cheapest time. Seriously...

Radio Good, the Internet-only radio station run by Good Records, recently unveiled its first live program, "The Special Friends Half Hour With Joe Butcher and John Freeman," which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Other shows are planned, and to check it all out, head to We hope you were way ahead of us on that one.

Send your big-ups and shout-outs to Street Beat at And no playa hating.

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