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Rockville Music officially called it quits on July 14, closing up shop after more than half a decade in business. The store, located at 2811 N. Henderson, will remain open for a few days a week for a while, but only so customers can pick up any instruments left there on consignment, according to the outgoing message on Rockville's answering machine. It will be missed: Rockville has a history of being there when local musicians need it the most, from loaning out amplifiers to replacing an entire band's setup when some lucky thief happens upon a van full of guitars. No word yet as to why owner Bob Cummins decided to shut the store down, but we'll give you three guesses. And the first two don't count...

Marcus Underwood, better known as DJ Nature to those who frequent the Wednesday-night hip-hop shows at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, is moving to Puerto Rico at the end of the month. Rubber Gloves held a benefit to help cover some of Underwood's moving expenses on July 17, and the club plans to continue its hip-hop Wednesdays with Underwood's partner, DJ Rerog. And on July 10, friends and fans said goodbye to DJ Baby G, longtime member of Mad Flava and the 1990 winner of the DMC World DJ Championships, at the Liquid Lounge's weekly hip-hop shindig. Baby G will now call Austin home. Best of luck to both...

As was reported here a few weeks ago, The Old 97's-Slobberbone-Lo-Fi Chorus show that was scheduled to happen on July 22 at Rubber Gloves has been canceled. Lo-Fi Chorus will still play at Rubber Gloves on July 22 (with Union Camp and The Tares), but the 97's and Slobberbone gig has been moved to Rick's Place. In a posting to an Old 97's mailing list, bassist Murry Hammond said that the band "really wanted to play Rubber Gloves 'at all costs' for the variety and for the fun of it." But, he added, "when we had to make a schedule change to accommodate a San Diego deal that we really have to do...the reschedule got solidified with Rick's. Done deal." Hammond also said the group is looking forward to playing at the club in the future. But since this is the second time the 97's have left Rubber Gloves at the altar, we'll believe it when we see it. In a bit of good news for Rubber Gloves,, an alternative radio show on, will soon begin All Rubber, which will feature live broadcasts from the club...

Upcoming Events

Pantera makes an appearance on the forthcoming soundtrack to Detroit Rock City, a film that follows four teenagers and their quest to attend a KISS concert. (Hey, that's not so farfetched. It does take place in 1978.) Pantera, which hasn't done much of anything lately save for the annoying Dallas Stars theme song that you couldn't escape during the team's Stanley Cup run, offers its take on Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever," and it might as well be karaoke. Everclear (Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town"), Marilyn Manson (AC/DC's "Highway to Hell"), Drain sth (T. Rex's "20th Century Boy"), and The Donnas (KISS' "Strutter") contributed covers to the disc (due on August 3), which also features songs by Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, and, obviously, KISS...

Buck Jones releases its third long-player, Blush, with a flurry of shows in the next few weeks. First up is a listening party on July 22 at Gypsy Tea Room, followed by the first of several CD-release shows on July 31 at the Curtain Club, with One Ton Records stablemates Doosu. The band will also perform at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater on August 7 before heading to the Atlantis Music Festival in Atlanta on August 13. Buck Jones joins a handful of local groups at the four-day festival, including Triprocket, Bowling for Soup, Valve, and the artists formerly known as The Commercials, Jet...

Earlier this year, after releasing his solo debut, twenty-five pin connector, former Adam's Farm frontman Jeff Whittington said that he wanted to be in a band again. We couldn't help but agree; if there was one problem with twenty-five pin connector, it was the fact that the lack of accompaniment made the songs sound like demos, pencil sketches that just hinted at a finished painting. Now, that problem has been solved: The Hundred Inevitables, featuring Whittington on guitar, debuted on July 20 at Club Dada. Whittington will also continue his monthly solo gigs at Dada...

Copies of Static Orange, the local compilation-concept album assembled by Matt Gunter and Jeff Liles, are still available with the purchase of any local disc at record stores around town. They will also be available on July 22 at Club Dada, when Junky Southern, Pleasant Grove, and The Immaculates perform a Static Orange showcase of sorts. Kelly Higgins is also on the bill.

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