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Post From Vermont has called it quits, breaking up soon after returning home from a short tour through the Midwest. The band said in a brief statement posted to its Web site that the split "came down to the fact that our music didn't live up to what we thought it could have been, and we realized there is no use struggling and forcing something to happen." Look for the now ex-members of Post From Vermont -- singer-guitarists Kris Youmans and Dylan Silvers, bassist Jeff Parker, and drummer Mike Sanger -- to turn up in new bands before the end of the year...

A Quick One bills itself as "the world's greatest Who cover band," and that might turn out to be truth in advertising. However, it's probably still a bit early to be making that claim, since the group performed for the first and only time last month at Bar of Soap. The band, which consists of Tripping Daisy's Phil Karnats and Ben Curtis and former Buck Pets Chris Savage and Ricky Pearson, will perform its second gig on August 20 at The Cavern, with Dedicated Followers of Fashion, a tribute to The Kinks. Curtis turns up in Dedicated Followers of Fashion as well, along with his brother Brandon Curtis and Josh Garza (both of Captain Audio), Eric Hermeyer (Mazinga Phaser), and Lindsay Romig. In addition, Shannon Griggs and Mark Crowder will be spinning 1960s mod and psychedelic rock before and after each set. And if anyone was fortunate enough to catch Crowder's DJ sets at The London Tavern and Liquid Lounge in the past, that's reason enough to come down to The Cavern...

Speaking of The Cavern, the club on Lower Greenville will host a multimedia set by former Course of Empire guitarist Mike Graff and Casey Hess (Doosu, Jump Rope Girls) on August 24. No word as to what Graff and Hess' collaboration will involve, but since there isn't a cover charge that night, it couldn't hurt to go down to The Cavern and find out for yourself. At least we don't think it can...

Bucks Burnett and his band The Volares received a nice pat on the back in the July issue of the British rock magazine MOJO. The review calls The Volares' 1998 album, The Night We Taught Ourselves to Sing, "an excellent debut" that "nods toward the likes of CSN&Y and Led Zep, but does so with a refreshing lack of pomposity." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. All we can add is this: The album couldn't have taken longer to reach MOJO if Burnett had sent it across the Atlantic Ocean in a bottle. And knowing Burnett, that's probably exactly how it arrived.


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