Adult, Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor: A three-piece that sounds like six

Adult are indeed all grown up—a married couple from Detroit, whose latest album is entitled Why Bother?, which might not have been the best marketing decision, but hey, who looks at titles anyway? If you do bother, you should imagine Siouxsie Sioux (or maybe PJ Harvey) backed by some of that electronic mish-mashy stuff that the likes of Fischerspooner dabble in; maybe even some Kraftwerkian leftovers as well. The real sonic treat, though, comes via Brooklyn's Parts & Labor—a three-piece who sound like six; they're on the cusp of releasing Mapmaker, one of the most assaulting mixes of rock and electronics these ears have been blasted by in a long time. The guitars and drums are enticingly fast, almost fist-pumpingly fast, but their tunes are kept weird enough with distorty feedback and simplistic, vintage videogame keyboard sounds. In essence, they should blow your face off, in the best way possible.

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