An Independent Dallas Record Label Has The No. 1 Song On Billboard's Alternative Chart? Really? Yes, Really.

The No. 1 song on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart for the past two weeks ? Why, that's Southern California's The Dirty Heads ' "Lay Me Down (featuring Rome of Sublime)." A sign of the apocalypse? Perhaps. But, also, kind of an interesting development: For only the fifth time since the chart was created 21 years ago, it's topped by a song from a release on an independent label.

Here's where it gets really interesting, though: That independent label? Why, that's Dallas' own Executive Music Group , which represents, among others, Dallas trip-hop act Shock of Pleasure .

So, how big a deal is this? Pretty big. Big enough, at least, to the point where Billboard was impressed and decided interviewed label founder and president Jacob Capricciuolo about his label's success . Said Capricciuolo to the industry magazine:

"We, as indie labels, have everything to lose, yet have everything to gain. Indie labels are personally vested, which creates a passion and aggressiveness to succeed above the corporate machine. Definitely not to discredit our hard-working corporate individuals and partners, but most indie labels have a do-or-die mindset. We can also draw from a stable of former major label promoters and create a team right for a specific job. Nothing restricts us from changing our business model any day, hour, minute or second. In everything we do, it's personal."

Sounds a bit like a press release quote, but, hey, let's back off a bit and just congratulate the guy on his impressive feat for now. Especially since Rolling Stone also recently dubbed The Dirty Heads as the "Best Reggae Rockers" around . Oh, and you can catch The Dirty Heads tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! , so there's that, too.

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