Analog Rebellion (formerly PlayRadioPlay!) Wishes You A Happy Halloween, Shares A New Track From His Upcoming Release

Earlier this week, the artist formerly known as PlayRadioPlay! and now known as Analog Rebellion , Aledo's Daniel Hunter , released the above clip, which offers fans yet another glimpse at the direction of his upcoming record . Specifically, the above song, which is set in the video to a clip of Hunter and a friend carving jack-o-lanterns, is a re-working of an earlier PlayRadioPlay! track called "Texas." Now titled "An Onest Thank You," the track is less an ode to Texas and more of a head-scratcher about what's happening around here, music-wise. Listen to the lyrics and see what I mean.

As for me, well, although this new version boasts a certain charm as a social commentary, I still dig the orginal "Texas"--so much so that, odds are, I'll be closing the night with the song again when I head back to the Libertine on Monday night for Vol. 2 of The Local Hang with Playlister P . See you there?

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