And Another Thing...

Could Springsteen rock a hat like this? No way.

Sad Bullets?:

In Deep: This is the last week to hit up the Deep Ellum haunted houses set up by D/E/E/P, aka Deep Ellum Enrichment Project, aka the Project Formerly Known as Save Our Scene. D/E/E/P member Tania Ion, also of local band the Ramonalisas, says the houses are intended to raise awareness of D/E/E/P, which intends to "change the perception that Deep Ellum is an unsafe place to be." The houses are located in the Art Bar of Blind Lemon, Thursday through Saturday and on Halloween. Price is $10, but it's for a good cause, no?

If you found yourself confused at last week's "Lost Generation" show at the Double Wide, you weren't the only ones. The Good Sons, headed up by none other than Dallas' best old-school punk/techno genius/DJ Mwanza Dover, ended up headlining after Austin's White Denim decided to bust through its set immediately after soundchecking, when there were, like, two people there. Maybe they knew that, with Dover screaming his shirtless way through a Scratch Acid/Birthday Party tribute, there'd be no way to top the Sons' performance. They were right.

Handstamps: Club DaDa hosts the deal of the week for those on a budget, with four acts/four bucks/half-price pints, especially a good deal since the four bands are the Shut Up Shop, The Capitol Years, National Eye and Jason Corcoran...Make a hump day trek out to Fort Worth and catch the strange, intense, downtempo folk/country of Jenny Lewis (opening acts Will Sheff and the Blow are nothing to sneeze at, either) at Ridglea Theater...A master of the ranchera, Vicente Fernandez often is described as the Frank Sinatra or Bruce Springsteen of Mexico. That is, he's both a folk hero and an archetype, one of the only people on earth who could pull off wearing a giant hat and silly mariachi pants with shiny things all over them while perched atop a white horse. Fernandez is that cool, mainly because of the fact that his operatic perfection when it comes to singing songs like "Volver, Volver" will never be matched. Even if you're not a fan of the ranchera genre, the man will bring you to tears—check him out Saturday, October 28 at Smirnoff Music Centre...The gossip among those types who watch a lot of VH1 is that Ryan Adams wannabe Pete Yorn doesn't shower much. Will he stink up the Lakewood Theater on Saturday, October 28, a stop on his tour supporting his newest disc, Nightcrawler? The last time AAT caught Yorn was on his musicforthemorningafter tour, during which he covered the Smiths' "Panic." This go-'round, the Boss' "Dancing in the Dark" is his cover of choice.

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