And, In Salim Nourallah Matters...

Salim the dream, in the flesh.
Salim the dream, in the flesh.
Salim the dream, in the flesh.

Dallas' own Salim Nourallah gets a nice little write-up over on today--to the tune of 4,281 words, in fact.

It's part of the site's "Now Hear This!" feature section, which aims "to provide a featured space for performers who truly deserve a closer look." In this surprisingly candid piece, Nourallah talks about his brother Faris' depression, the one-time medical complications surrounding his infant son, Carter Albrecht's death and, well, everything else you could possible want to know about the man without becoming a flat-out stalker.

And, according to his Myspace page, Nourallah's a big fan of the piece. While linking to it on his page's blog, Nourallah writes: "Justin Cober-Lake somehow managed to write the best piece about my life and music to date."

OK, then. If you ever wanted more Salim than you can handle, there it is. -- Pete Freedman

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