Andre Williams

When R&B sensation Andre Williams first reared his magnificently ugly mug back in the late 1950s, his calling cards were a knockout stage show and some of the roughest wide-open numbers the idiom ever had visited upon it. The drawling raps of "Bacon Fat," "Greasy Chicken" and the poon-fixated classic "Jailbait" represented the blues underworld at its finest: venal, lower than dirt and put over with a wholesome decadence that lent anything Williams did an irresistible appeal. Despite his '60s success as a songwriter ("Shake a Tail Feather"), Dame Fortune nearly crushed him, but for the past decade Williams' second coming has been arresting, churning out latter-day stunners ("Agile, Mobile & Hostile," "Pussy Stank") that handily extend a rhythm and blues tradition he almost single-handedly codified. Not for the meek.

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